That's right.....snowing lightly at Baw Baw but unlikely to amount to much. However there is still a bit of fun left up top

BB has 8cm natural. 13cm man made. Hut Run and Magic carpet operating. $20 lift tickets. Kids ski for free. 2 for 1 lessons and of course still some tobogganing to be had

St G has some snow left up the trail so a bit of a walk to make some snowmen.

Pack the sunscreen

Exciting times planned for Baw Baw this weekend with Sunday being FREE resort entry, FREE lift tickets and FREE pond skim.

Today sees 10cm natural, 15cm man made. Hut run and magic carpet operating and 2 for 1 lessons plus kids ski free.

St Gwinear has patches up the trail for little ones to have a play and customers are still reporting fun if you don't mind walking up the trail but keep the expectations low as it is nearly October and very warm

Thursday 28th

Baw Baw is offering $20 adult lift tickets and free kids tics. 2 lifts open, Tank Hill and Magic Carpet. Perfect for the beginner to hone some skills. This weekend will see season 2017 finish up at Baw Baw and they are planning their annual pond skim on Tank on Sunday with free lift tickets for all. Saturday they will be streaming the Grand Final and will have a FREE sausage sizzle for everyone. Still a great day out and lots of fun to be had.

St Gwinear is really snow play only. Enough laying around up the track for snow men and snow ball fights.

Losing it.....countdown is on

Another6cm gone since yesterday meaning BB has 10cm natural average depth and 21cm man made. 3/7 lifts. Adult lift price is $20 and kids ski/board free. An overall rating of FAIR for the resort and blue skies.

St Gwinear has patchy snow around the car park. Poor to Fair skiing and snowplay

A little fresh

1cm of snow overnight means no net gain or loss yesterday. Currently Baw Baw has 16cm natural. 26cm man made. 3/7 lifts and an overall fair rating of skiing, snowplay and tobogganing.

St Gwinear has patchy snow at the car park. Toboggan runs are closed but enough snow for the little ones to play on the toboggans. Parks staff no longer in attendance,

Monday 25th

Its getting pretty average up top with warm spring weather playing havoc. Currently Baw Baw has 16cm natural. 26cm man made. Fair skiing and boarding on 3/7 lifts. Both toboggan runs are open and snowplay is the order of the day.

St Gwinear is unmanned until next season. Patchy at the car park. Poor skiing across the top. Fair snowplay.

Please note we will be winding up operations as of Thursday 28th September until Season 2018

Sunday September 24

Still 26cm of natural snow left at Baw Baw and some forecasts are suggesting a bit more in the next couple of days. Absolutely hot on the mountain at the moment with temps nudging 20 degrees yesterday so things wont last either way. Get on up while its good.

Currently BB has 26cm natural. 36cm man made. 4/7 lifts turning and rated good while both toboggan runs are open and rated fair.

St Gwinear has enough at the car park to have a toboggan but watch out for the mud. Cross country skiing is still fair with good cover but soft snow

Hot, hot, hot

Currently 16 degrees at Baw Baw so the melt is on. Currently 5/7 lifts. 36cm natural, 46 man made. Pack the sunscreen.

St Gwinear has 8cm at the car park. One toboggan run open but likely closed by days end. Parks staff in attendance today and tomorrow. No food van.

Beautiful snow

I was up yesterday and it is stunning. Warm weather and amazing spring snow.

Currently Baw Baw has 50cm average natural depth and 60cm man made. 4/7/ lifts turning

St Gwinear has 15cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open but getting patchy.

Excellent cover across the plateau for cross country skiing

Blue skies

Beautiful day up here and heaps of snow. No people and no queues for the $20 lift tickets. Too good to be true......

BB has 57cm average natural snow depth. 73cm man made. 4/7 lifts turning

St Gwinear has 15cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open but some holes developing. Good cross country skiing from the car park still and extensive cover across the plateau