3cm of fresh snow

27cm natural
70cm man made
5/7 lifts turning
Snow expected above 1100m

5cm at the car park
central toboggan run open
North and South toboggan runs closed

Snow tonight

Baw Baw
25cm average depth
5/7 lifts

St Gwinear
5cm at car park
South and central toboggan runs OPEN
North Toboggan run CLOSED
Food van CLOSED
Fair to good skiing

More snow expected this week

Baw Baw
30cm average depth
5/7 lifts turning
70cm man made

St Gwinear
10cm at the car park
South toboggan run OPEN. North toboggan run CLOSED
Food van CLOSED
All other facilities OPEN
Good skiing on soft snow

20cm of fresh snow

Baw Baw
38cm natural depth
7/7 Lifts turning. 
Frosti OPEN for tobogganing

St Gwinear
30cm at the car park
All facilities OPEN
AMAZING cross country skiing on fresh dry powder

Snow all day

Brush up the chain fitting skills.....today you will need them
Currently Baw Baw has 33cm average depth. 7/7 lifts turning. Frosti Hollow open for toboggans
ST GWINEAR has 15cm at the car park. 30cm average. All facilities OPEN

Incoming snow

BB 33cm average. 5/7 lifts turning. Excellent snow play

ST G 18cm at the car park. 49cm average depth. Summit and Tullicouty trails are groomed. All facilities OPEN


Baw Baw has 15cm of fresh powder. Average of 34cm on the ground. 5/7 lifts
St Gwinear has 19cm at the car park. All facilities except the food van OPEN


Baw Baw.
4cm in last 24 hours.
26cm average depth
59cm man made
6/7 lifts turning
Frosti Hollow OPEN

St Gwinear
7cm at car park
Toilet, warm room, First aid, Rangers office OPEN
Food van CLOSED
Tobogganing limited to central toboggan area
Good to very good skiing

Baw Baw
24cm average
7/7 lifts
Frosti Hollow OPEN for toboggans
St Gwinear
4cm at car park
30cm average (only accessible to skiers)
Both toboggan runs CLOSED
Food van, Parks office and toilet OPEN

All lifts open

Baw Baw

7/7 lifts

24cm Average

St Gwinear

4cm at car park

North and South toboggan runs closed (middle run open)

Good skiing on 34cm average depth from car park