Sooooo yesterday was not a good day for anyone in Australia. All the resorts got a dumping of rain. Perhaps I am the only one honest enough to say it though. Baw Baw and St G took a big hit. Total snow dropped at Baw Baw from 25cm to 18cm in the man made areas. They are still holding it together with natural snow in between with up to 15cm of natural snow. I am still optimistic that they will get through to next weeks snow storm with the addition of some more man made stuff to top it up. Overall resort rating is poor but lots of people still enjoyed conditions yesterday in the rain.

St Gwinear is a sad tale at the moment. Parks staff and the food van have pulled out due to NO SNOW. There isn't any left. Can not be seen from the car park. We expect there may be a very poor cover at elevation but perhaps best to leave the skis at home and grab some snow shoes if you don't mind a hike to get there.