Baw Baw is still running 4 lifts today with 38cm of man made snow in key areas. There is 4cm of natural across the resort so only fair to good snow play. Snow expected today and tomorrow so everybody needs to snow dance so we can get more terrain open and start the cross country stuff.

St Gwinear still only has patches at the car park so more suited to sight seeing

I often get asked why Baw Baw doesn't "just turn on the snow machines"..........In a nutshell its all about the conditions. It has to be at least 2 degrees below zero. Humidity and wind speed must be perfect. It is a fine art with Baw Baws old equipment. They do their very best and make snow every time possible. Please feel free to Email a politician and ask for increased funding for Mount Baw Baw so they can buy a "SNO FACTORY" This machine would guarantee snow on the toboggan run at least as it operates in temps up to 16 degrees above zero.