So Ive waken up to rain on the roof again which is normally a good thig as it means there is snow in the mountains, unfortunately it is still too warm so it is falling as rain up top as well. Another degree colder and we would be doing the happy dance.

Baw Baw is hanging in still and expects to be able to offer tobogganing and skiing/ boarding for beginners on 2 lifts until thenext snow fall. They are shovelling like mad to maintain some snow so as not to cancel lessons etc and to give you a little bit to play with.

It was unanimous yesterday amongst customers that there is still enough to have a play with the kids and that is the best feedback I can provide. Please check webcams at Baw Baw before making the trip though and make your decision before you drive up here.

St Gwinear has NO SNOW at all. Poor conditions for skiing at elevation but may be worth grabbing some snow shoes for a hike