A little dusting overnight

Generally a net loss after warm conditions yesterday but nice and fresh after some fresh fall overnight. Totals as follows-

BB 57cm natural. 4/7 lifts. 60cm man made

St Gwinear 25cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open. Extensive cover for cross country on softening snow

Sunburn anyone?

It is getting warm up here (sometimes.....) yesterday was a cracker with lots of red faces coming back from the snow but in-line with spring in Victoria we might be about to get snow again tonight as its expected down to 1100m again. The moral of the story.......its gonna disappear quick at this time of year so get up here while its sooooo good.

Baw Baw has an average of 60cm natural. 75cm man made. 4/7 lifts. Excellent snow play and tobogganing.

St Gwinear has 20cm at the car park. Softening snow across the plateau. Close to 1m at the rock shelter.

Melting fast......

Simply stunning-bluebird day

That's right......Blue skies after snow. A further 7cm fell yesterday at Baw Baw bringing totals to an average of 60cm natural, 75cm man made. 5/7 lifts turning. Excellent tobogganing. Its all good today.

St Gwinear has 30cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs are open. Expect icy conditions on the ski trails this morning but there is close to 1m at the rock shelter so plenty of snow.

Fitting chains at chain bay 2 BB and expect 2wd vehicles to fit at St G due to ice this morning

More snow overnight....more expected

More snow overnight and more expected. 6cm fresh, 60cm natural, 75cm man made. 5/7 lifts turning and rated excellent across the resort for all activities. Fitting chains at time of report.

St Gwinear likely to have picked up a few centimetres at the car park as well. Both toboggan runs open. St G Food van and parks staff attending.


Good old spring

A little rain overnight has reduced totals quickly but it is spring time so that's what happens. Still Excellent though with 60cm natural average depth at Baw Baw and 75cm man made. 4/7 lifts turning and 2 toboggan runs open. Lift tickets will be less than $10 today in line with the 8am Village temperature and our wheel chains are just $9 for the day.

St Gwinear has about 20cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open and good skiing from the car park on soft snow.

18cm of fresh and $3 wheel chain hire

That's right the promo continues and its cold......3 degrees at 7am so wheel chain rental is $3 for today. Very cold at Baw Baw so likely Free lift tickets depending on the 8am temp at the village.

18cm of fresh snow overnight bringing totals back to 70cm natural (ave) and 90cm man made (ave). 4/7 lifts operating and fitting chains.

St Gwinear likely to have a similar top up but will update via facebook once rangers check in. At least 20cm at the car park and excellent skiing across the top

Our Big Freeze

In line with Mount Baw Baw's big promo we are offering wheel chain rental for the 7am temperature. Sooooo today at 7am it was 10 degrees so wheel chain rental today is $10. Couple that with the Baw Baw offer on lift tickets which will set the price at the 8am village temp (likely less than 10 degrees) you should be shredding for under $20.

Normal rental terms and conditions apply so get on the phone, call the boss, put on your best sick voice and come on up. It does not get cheaper anywhere to go to the snow and get lift tickets.

Currently Baw Baw has 54cm average. 4/7 lifts. Excellent conditions.

St Gwinear has 20cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open (a few patches developing)

Snow forecast down to 600metres tonight and tomorrow

Our Big freeze

In line with Baw Baws Big freeze promo which means the 8am village temp determines lift ticket prices we have gone mad and are hiring wheel chains for the 7am temp. This morning it was 10 degrees so wheel chain hire is $10 for the day. Normal rental conditions apply. Looks like you can be on the mountain for under $20 today with chains and a lift ticket and be enjoying 4 lifts and and average of 54cm of natural snow. There is 79cm in man made areas and snow is forecast down as low as 600m tonight. Be aware it is spring time so like this offer a couple of warm days and rain and the snow will go quickly so get up here now while its good and cheap.

A little rain today

Things are warming up but conditions are still excellent and look to get better with more snow forecast.

Currently Baw Baw has 67cm natural average depth. 94cm man made. 4/7 lifts operating with Tank on standby pending demand. Don't forget their big freeze promo with lift ticket prices set at the 8:00am village temperature. i.e. 4degrees =$4

St Gwinear has about 30cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open. Parks staff in attendance.

Amazing conditions and more on the way?

Baw Baw has 72cm average natural snow depth and 94cm man made in key areas. there are 4/7 lifts operating today and its all rated excellent. Both toboggan runs open and snowplay is amazing plus $4 lift tickets all day.....

St Gwinear has 40cm at the car park. Both toboggan runs open. Parks staff are in attendance. Still 1m at the rock shelter. Excellent skiing and snowplay.

Chains still required until 30 Septmenber.